Tuesday, April 7, 2009



Today I went back to the Healing sanctuary of Harry Edwards where I have been just before the first operation. This time I felt even more an intense experience, The methodology is like reiki, the therapist uses the palm of hands to pass energy to the patient. Today there was a background sound replicating the seaside and she asked me to imagine like if I was in the beach with Olivia and mummy feeling the heat and enjoying the serenity of the landscape, this moments over the couch were so intense that I could not resist and some tears of emotion dropped down through my face, I suppose it was what I needed. Afterwards, I was very calm and with a lot of energy. We all met outside to relax and contemplating the beautiful Eden garden that surrounds the sanctuary and enjoy the paradisiaca view. The Gods open an exception and did not allowed the rain interfere in our day, this in spite of the weather forecasting not be so favorable. In the Eden Garden was great to see so many magnolias in flower, this tree for me represents all the most beautiful of life, its smell, its different colours. And also there close to us were the pine trees, my tree of election, I will never forget the good moments that I pass in my childhood under its fresh shade, listening the twitter of the birds and the song of a cone breaking down from the tree consequence of the heatwave in the forest.

The good time extend through all evening in the shubhi's house, all with Rayne and Taz it was a big laugh.

Arriving in the healing sanctuary, not only the birds open their festival of songs for us but also the rabbits come to give the welcome

I am opening the Eden garden, what will be behind is unbelievable beautiful, such us:

The gorgeous Magnolia

A pine tree giving me a huge
the smells, but not only from the Magnolia
Olivia has a great experience I am sure
I was with a lot of energy, first time I could adventure to have Olivia in my back, the pain has been calm :)
All of us
Also Adriano, the justyna's cousin that arrived today to stay with us
the beautiful shubhi
playing in the ground, time stopped
what a picture, I loved

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