Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today I had a commitment in the hospital, an appointment with the dermatology team, regarding with a long infection I have in my scalp, The doctor said they will carry on a biopsy in a month and after will be discussed which medicines could be applied. Of course it is not urgent with so many things going on at the moment :).
Because I was already in the hospital we decided to go few floors up, to the 9West B, to the liver surgery department. I wanted to show the wound and else, the nurse said that everything looks fine, the tummy are bloated but is normal, it is normal that can be inflamed, but is nothing serious.

After we took the train back to home, the journey is very short, only 20 minutes from door to door. Back home I was off the rest of the day, sleeping and in bed reading some notes that I did in hospital.

Another good thing is Adriano, the cuisine of Justyna has tomorrow the first interview for a job, he is very exited and also we are all very happy, I hope tomorrow all will be OK for him.

It was a good day

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