Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy new year 2009

It is real, we steeped on the year 2009, So many plans and dreams I had 25 years ago about how would be the life in the Earth today, but in fact so far no other mystery beings from other planets and galaxies come to disturb our life. Our main problems continuous to be our own selves. Most of the suffering is due to the action of other people, in a gestures of selfishness.

Personally I remember when I was in Portugal few years ago there was some kind of life that I use to hate and avoid for my present and future, but is funny nowadays this style of life it becomes my dream life, Like have a normal job, have a dinner and afterwards just relax and stay at home with family, watching the News or some football in the tele, It sounds prosaic but is my dream life, I am not sure if can have it already in 2009. This mutation of style of life that I ambition for myself is for sure because of my new condition related with my health but probably also due to ageing :)

Our New years eve, was also very calm, far from the busy times in the past, it was with our friends Kaska, Rafi and Veena, lovely evening and ending with a competition in the Scrabble.
I hope 2009 will be a fantastic year for all of us, much better or even better, essential to all the friends here in England and in Portugal.

Tomorrow it will be my first visit to the Hospital of this year, I will go the routine blood testes and appointments with the Oncologist Dr. Tim Meyer, to check if the chemotherapy have had some bad implications in my body and organs, It is time to put forward some questions about some doubts related with some pains and small lesions in my skin. If nothing would be too serious I will be back this Monday for one more Chemotherapy session.

See you soon

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sandra said...

Desejo-te uma Ano só de conquistas e muita força, e q daqui a um ano estejas a sorrir das recordaçoes passadas. Tudo de bom para ti e tua linda familia. Beijinhos desta tua fã.

Sandra Vicente Gonçalves