Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Life is wonderful

Today it looked that all the family got affected by the chemotherapy, all of us toke advantage to sleep more hours than it is usual. also the reason is Olivia does not get too much sleep in the night.

But apart of that we are felling well so far, The teas are helping us to keep away the sickness. The good news is we have confirmed our trip to Poland from 19 until 28 of February, It will be good to Olivia meet the rest of the family from the Polish side, I just need to get very warm to escape the frozen temperatures.

I am still thinking to myself what should I do after the tempest past, I been thinking what is my true vocation, I am still dream to be a successful man, when I am saying this is not thinking about money, just to be happy with what I am doing. It is something that I still have a lot of time to think and rethink.

As you notice, today I chose a different approach, instead of a picture of the family I decide to posted someone that we, but special Justyna love it. The lyrics are simply beautiful and the person transmitting such a good energies. Let us and you fill up the hearts with all this feelings at least during the time of the song. The ones who do not liked please sorry and consider yourself out of this exercise.


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