Monday, January 19, 2009

Some showers


The days now are moving faster, we are already in a different stage of our trip to the Algarve as now on we are looking for more time to rest and take advantage of the last days in Portugal. All the visit of friends are already behind, It was great days and made me a stronger man to face the next days in London. I Just sorry to did not have camera to picture the moment that I met my friend Henrique from Georgio. I will penalize myself forever :)

Today here in the bottom of Portugal the weather was grey as in all Portugal, then probably because of that I felt more tired and used my right to have a siesta after lunch. The food still to be a big moment of each day, My mum tries to cook any small thing that I request, sometimes small things but I missed, p.e., favas, sardines, caldeirada de peixe, bacalhau. And tomorrow the menu is already done and the list as at lunch another sardinhadas and evening some prawns :) The bookings are open, just ring for the number as usual. Fortunately since yesterday some hearth burning that I been feeling calm down.

Here we had our experience in Sintra, with a caijada de Sintra.
We and Filipe discovering Sintra at Night
The Sun washed us with optimism. How beautiful is life
Cabo da Roca reflected in our car
Guincho was furious.
A visit to my cousin Zeca before he had surgery. Today he is better but recovering. I cannot forget that he also visited me in London when my life broken apart and teared my heart.
In Chiado having a sample of a normal life

Olivia is in Love with Portugal


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Anonymous said...

é este dar e receber que dá sentido à amizade, não é? Nós no Royal Free Hospital vocês no Hospital da Luz....Beijos Jú + Zeca ( já de coração novo)