Saturday, January 24, 2009

N.Sra da Rocha


Definitely after I had my moral very down in the last time it has been busted and today it past days that I do not remember about what I am carrying with me. It was a very busy day and I am tired, but even though we had few things that made us very happy.

Early morning I did my blood test and I went to see Dr. Tim Meyer, He confirmed that the news are good and I will see the Surgeon even before than I expected, Now the appointment with doctor Fusai, or Dr Richard Gere, if you remember, should happen in 10th of March, after the scans to measure the impact of the Chemotherapy. Tim Meyer also confirmed that the six session of Chemotherapy, next Tuesday will be the last one :), This it was something that I was not totally sure before. He also examined my body and confirmed that the Pancreas and Liver look regular, In the last weeks I have not feeling any pain or pressure in that areas what is good. Regarding to the heart burning he told us that is very common to happen due to the steroids of the chemo, and now he prescribed me some pills to sort out that. He looked also in my scalp for an injury or infection that I carry for a years, and for him it never can be a Cancer, because the infection come and goes, anyway I need to book an appointment with the dermatologist soon as possible. As you know the diabetes it will never help me to healing all this infections, I need to be careful all the time. Lastly I informed him about our intention to finish our cycle of trips and this time travel to Poland in the period between the next chemotherapy session and the day I will have the scans at 3 of March and for him there is no problem, we are totally free :) Now with Oliwka having a Portuguese citizen card nothing can stop us to go around.

The next chemo session it was moved to the day after, then it will happen this Tuesday instead of Monday, This because of my special Gallium scanning been booked to Monday and in that way it would be difficult to conciliate both events in two different hospitals.

In the afternoon I have the visit of Julian & Sofia, It was time to updated our conversation and feel the support of them, Both have been always close in the bad moments, inclusive when I most needed they used their holidays in the Summer to be close to us. Today Julian cooked a beautiful Bacalhau from a book that also they offered us in the Christmas. So, it will be needless to tell that fish was delicious. Great to know that they will be in our place during the weekend :) It will be a good fun.

The pictures are related to other devotion of the family, N. Sra da Rocha. It symbolises what the Earth it has the best, the Sea and the people working there.

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jorge henriques said...

Olá Helder
Entâo já em London city ? terra do nevoeiro chuva frio tâo diferente da terra Lusitana ,bom é verdade( temos que ser justos ) que o tempo que tem feito ultimamente por cá nâo é muito diferente no entanto de quando em vez o sol ainda nos espreita com o tal brilho que nos aquece a alma.
já vi que as boas noticias continuam , Helder continue a fazer uma boa alimentaçâo pois é necessario estar a ganhar peso e ainda bem que a estadia por cá foi motivadora de o aumento de uns kilitos hehe bom muito bom.
É verdade a autora do livro que te falei é Jane Plant e o livro é Your life in your hands .
Bom fim de semana
abraço e beijocas para as "pequenas" hehe (pequena e grande)