Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lot of emotions

First of all, sorry for until the Esperanto do become an universal language you will see me writing in English, As I think in this way is easier for English friends understand and also most of Portuguese already understand a bit of that language. Sometimes I think to do a billing version, but I suppose it would be very difficult to carry on due with timeless. I hope you are not too upset with me,

Bellow I will show some of the most striking images of my staying, so far. Probably they will not translate in full our bright spirits.

Also Olivia always kept her serenity, apart of the first day in Lisbon, were there were so many friends and confusion around that Oli become exhausted.

Here we are arriving in Lisbon by Baixa Chiado. It was a great first day in Lisbon.
In the same day Pedro organised a meeting with friends from our childhood, It was fantastic to see a sea of friends. Some I did not see for a long time. They were almost all there.
Dinner time in Pedro and Celias place
All the mates, I look tired :)
Oliwka was in such a good mood in Fatima
This candle had a special meaning
All the family in the Holy place. All the family and special my mum was very happy in this day. It was a historical day for us.
In reality not only this days, but all the staying has been memorable, Psychologically I been feeling so well, I met so many friends, friends from my childhood, others from the ISCTE where I studied, from STAP where I worked and family in the Algarve. All had an attitude very sweet for me. I am a very lucky man in having so many lovely people always around and worried with me.

This trip to Portugal showed me if it was necessary, why my condition evolved in a favourable way, the energy transmitted from my friends was the resposible factor. I remember 5 months ago this trip to Portugal it was a dream, In fact I was thinking to come only to say good bye to the family, but now after this time I was again blown by the lucky and I am just living in full this holidays. Today I had the opportunity to live one of the dreams that I had in my worst time, to be in the beach with my princess Olivia. It is this small things that I cannot be insensible anymore. I have thousands of reasons to be the happiest person in the world.
What more I can ask from one day of my life, morning doing some drawings, afternoon relaxing with Pedro and Filipe in Albandeira Beach, listening and observing the waves. Having a tasteful meals cooked by mum, and having a peaceful time with Olivia and Justyna. I do not want to leave Algarve :)

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