Monday, January 26, 2009

Busy work

Well the working days started very well, today I performed my last scanning of this trial, it was the DOTA-NOC after I did already some weeks ago the DOTA-TATE. The first one is a substance that is injected in the body and is expected to show all the lesions that not light up by the DOTA-TATE. All this scanning are performed in the PET-CT scanning.
After I finished the examination in the morning the doctor straight looked for the results and told me that his first impression is that my body do not have any more Cancer apart of the two metastases in the Liver. Also the good news is almost the confirmation of havinng "only" this two metastases and not five as it was in the beginning of the chemotherapy :)
In the end, the doctor thank you for my help, it looks that this new substance that it was injected in me and they want to be used normally in all patients with neuroendocrines although readiolabelled is more accurate and do not miss the disease, special when scanning small tumours or tumours which have the potential to be more aggressive. In my scanning the disease was very highlighted as all of us pretended, nothing was missing in the picture.
Back home in the afternoon I decided to rest and I slept for four hours. Now I am trying to get some sleep, It will be difficult because of my excitement, Tomorrow it might be the last chemo session, It will be all day fighting against this silent intruder but I cannot wait to finished the day. I will take with me some movies and books to break the tedious. Also I will try to do some maths and language tests to practise my frozen brain. Additionally I also organized fruit salad and Polish soup that Justyna cooked to take with me. This things is the only things that I can eat with pleasure in this days. I think it is psychological, but in the day I am there I cannot stand bread and fish.
So, see you tomorrow

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