Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Até Já


According to my expectations, the fatigue took over of all my plans, Difficultly I could move out from my bed, Diabetes out of control and some nausea's that the anti sickness only help to nothing coming out. Last night I only managed to sleep an hour also because of the effects of the chemo but also small Olivia had her white nights. But I hope until the end of the week I will be much better. So when I will arrived in Portugal I will be more relax.

So our open plans is to arrive in Faro in Sunday, 11th January, after in the Wednesday 14th January do a trip to the North and spend the late afternoon and evening around Cruz de Pau, I would love to see all the friends that are free in that evening in a restaurant or a coffee where we can speak and see each others. In Thursday and Friday I will be around Lisbon, as I would like to show some of the best of Lisbon to Justyna and Olivia, anyway it is always time to meet and give a hug to friends. Lastly before Saturday in the morning I would go back to the Algarve to the family, In the Friday night I also got idea to reunited all of us in a coffee or in a nice place to take all the energies from our friendship. Believe this is very important for me. Also if we extend our night we can catch my Birthday in 17th January, and then do a toast for my 37 years old :)

So I look forward to Sunday 11th January to touch Portuguese sole and am dreaming to see all the friends that I have not seen for a while.

Shame that today because of needing to rest in bed and also to protect my self from catching some cold, as outside is freezing, We could not visit our friend Kaska in her birthday, wszystkiego najlepszego or Congratulations or Parabéns a vocé. I hope you have got a beautifully day.

See u soon

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