Friday, January 2, 2009

There we go again!

The visit to the Oncologist Dr Tim Meyer confirm all what we learnt from last appointment with the Surgeon, Dr Fusai. Thus, the Tumour in the Liver has decreased a estimated 20%, and also he told us that primarily I have had 5 metastases in the Liver, and now from the last CT scanning they found only 2 metastases in the liver, They do not know if in reality this 3 marks despaired because of the Chemotherapy or just did not appear in the scanning but they are there, something that happens sometimes, Because of that they will put me forward for the mother of all scanning-MRI, which is catching all the details of the body scanned. Last time I did I found it very claustrophobic. Anyway this scanning as the CT scanning only will happen after the sixth Chemotherapy cycle. From the blood tests today my body his ready for another session, that will gonna be already Monday and the questions and doubts asked to Dr Meyer He tranquilizes us, all is alright, Pancreas looks very fine, the marks in the skin is temporally, my loss memory is something normal and I can take advantage of that :)

In the afternoon we toke the day in the company of our friend Veena, Lovely to enjoy her food in her warm and beautiful house, Olivia as me relaxed and watched a movie. Oli is finding the seating position her preferred way to stay and play.

Nice weekend

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