Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chemotherapy-Session 6


We all have reasons to celebrate this day, Apparently the chemotherapy sessions come to the end, Even knock down I know that I have reasons to be happy. Hopefully next week I will feel more restful and I will enjoy the moment and give the importance to this days that they deserved. It was four months always with the timer for the chemotherapy in my head.

It was a long and very boring session, most of the things that I planed to do I could not do it because of lack of concentration, I only watch a movie with British humour, I could not stop laughing :) the nurse was laughing also because of me. I believe my headphones did not allow me to listen my laughing. I managed to do one brain test and it was encouraging, I still know how to do a simple algebraic calculation, it is promising. In the morning I had the visit of John and Maria, we could speak about the life and it was a good way to start the day, the visits continued with Pajo, We updated our conversation, both had been in Portugal and since then we have not seen each other.

Today, unfortunately the masseur was very busy, I asked her to come but she could not come to me side and relax my feet :( Nevertheless a Voluntary gentleman sat close to me and spoke about his experience and I set my feelings, he also had Cancer and now is passing is thoughts to other patients, he reinforced that this Hospital is one of the best, they do not put restrictions of money to help the patients, even a cancer patient beside me with probably around 70's years old also told us that he had always the best he could. Later I spoke to a nurse he and said that before he moved to the Public system he worked in the private system and the medicines there were not better, in the private they did not give the most expensive medicines that are giving in Royal Free Hospital.

Another nurse responsible for the ward confirm also my good blood tests, my white cells in the blood are very much at the same level that when I started what is very good, I am not so expose to the opportunistic diseases that we thought.

In the afternoon I toke an hour to watch pictures and movies there were few ones that almost brought out few tears in the privacy of my headphones, I will show some of those here today.

Olivia in Lagoa, shining as the Sun;

Praia de Albandeira; Praia do Estaquinho

Praia da Nossa Senhora da Rocha; Praia Nova

To the attention of the surfers, this is the best right in the Algarve; Praia de Armacao de Pera


Anonymous said...

Olá Hélder,

é bom saber que as sessões de Quimio vão terminar, e que está td a correr bem ctg, é mm bom saber.

Adorei ver os vídeos, a Olívia continua linda, e foi relaxante ouvir o barulho das ondas do mar.

FORÇA. - BJKS GDS - Vanda.

Ana Cristina said...

Oi Helder!

As notícias são maravilhosas!!! Que felicidade!!! E esperança para o futuro!

Força para continuar a luta

Beijos grandes
pra ti e prás princesas

prima Ana