Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hold the Breath

The last day arrived, We toke advantage and went for a walk in he beach of Armaçao de Pera, I tried to swallow as much Sun as possible and trying to do not breath out too much in order to do not waste cleaned air needed in London, Fortunately today the weather was much better.

My condition as been very well, I have not feeling any special pain, what is good. The only thing is the sugar levels is keeping very high, This can be because of the chemotherapy that it still in my blood and also because of the food, I have eaten much more than in England.

In England after tomorrow the Agenda will be totally different, but to be honest I am happy to be there already tomorrow, Because I know my life depends from what will happen there, And all this events will happen very soon, in the next months.

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Anonymous said...

hi you lovelies,
Been looking at all your photos - what a wonderful surrounding by family and friends. We will welcome you all back to London, grey & cold though it is... It's been strange you being away - but great knowing that you finally got to be there & show Olivia some of her wonderful heritage.
Love, Janie.