Friday, January 23, 2009

Also good to be back


It can sound a paradox, but in spite of I loved the days in Portugal but also I am very happy to be back to the wet and grey London. I think is either for the close friends that I have here, but overall for the things that are pendent here. For example I cannot wait for the appointment with the oncologist tomorrow morning but also I am excited for another chemotherapy session in next Monday, In the same day very early I need to go to UCL Hospital to do a special Pet Scan. The Gallium. Very busy days ahead, but also will bring us the feeling of movement. I enjoy when I am going everyday to the Hospital, It is were I find myself more safe. The worst is when we are at home waiting for something, without knowing what is it next.
During this weekend I still have the flavour of Portugal, because I we will have the visit of Sofia Esteves and Julian, It will be good to share some laughs with them :)
Another good news is my weight I checked tonight after my bath and it accused 64.4KG, what was an improvement of 1.5KG. It is Mum's food fault, We did not stop to have brilliant fish in the table during the time in my parents house.

As you can see in photos that are witnessing the moment, we left Algarve today and we are already in our house in London, The moment to say good bye to my mum was very sad, she could not stop her tears drop from her eyes, It is hard to be far away from somebody you love and are passing for a critical time.

Soon I will be back, Promise I will do my best.

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