Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Silvester's day

Finally, again in contact with the world, Today started our connection with the Web, and now I can easily write down my thoughts in the blog from home. In good time the light from the Internet come into our house, giving me a chance to say good bye from this year to all of you and desire the best 2009. It is funny how we get use with this new toys, there was a time when to receive a normal letter in my home, p.e. from the Algarve, from some family, it was a reason to celebrate, few years later it was the time to the phone with wires arrived in my home, Though already more than one hundred years after Bell did his first experiences, it was now, that my family and friends could become closer to us and enjoy the biggest breakthrough from the last century. Amazing how come from a simple cable could pass all our conversations, Hundreds km of distance turned in a short distance between a mouth and a ear. But, in a flash the Internet come and shape a new Era straight pasted all that achievements to the bin, Now we only want to speak by the skype or messenger, nothing but not only a connection with image is tolerated by us :) Also the Net able me to know what is going on in Portugal, even if I am not sure if always I want to know and be update.

By the Way, Mon Amis, Soon We will be in Portugal, It is right in 11th of January I will arrived in the Algarve, And I would love to see all my friends. I should be at 14th in the South of Lisbon and I would enjoy to see the friends, some I have not seeing for a long time. It would be great to be in touch again, And in 16th I might be in Lisbon, I was thinking to have a dinner or a coffee with the friends that can come to join me, furthermore 17th it will be my birthday, so in that way Friday in night we can make already a toast and celebrate one more year in my curriculum, if you do not mind I will have it a juice. I cannot wait to see the Atlantic and Lisbon after few years and Olivia to have her first contact with her own country. Anyway before that I will need to visit one more time the Chemotherapy suite this Monday.

The end of the year it has been a relaxing time, and also a period to enjoy the life, Only yesterday I went for the last scanning of the year, it was a PET Scan-DOTA-TATE, a sophisticated scan that tries to show all the Neuroendocrines, Now is only missing another one to be carry out in the next year, this is a sister of the last one, that calls PET Scan-DOTA-DATE, and is a scan still in the trial process, and in connection with the one I did yesterday expects to bring to the light all the tumours lesions provoked by the degeneration of hormones.

To finish the year I only want to honour a small music to my Love Justyna,

#Justyne, you are my heroine,
Justyne, you are my Insulin,
Justyne, you are my sunshine
With you I will be fine#

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Rosália said...

Adorei a tua musica.
A tua bebe tá mt gira.
Desejo-vos um Bom Ano , e que tenhas boas melhores.
Tudo de bom para voces.