Sunday, January 4, 2009

Light of the Love

Another Monday is coming that I need to go to the Hospital to fill up my body with the chemicals needed to get rid off the strange bodies in the Liver. Something good in this dark portrait that I never told is the fact that the Cancer, the metastases in the Liver is located in the right inside of this organ, The doctor told me that is in the opposite side, left, where all the veins and arteries are, and when the tumour is going to that side makes an operation much more difficult and complex. Thus, I hope that small strange bodies will keep quite and do not have the curiosity to immigrate to the left side. The right inside is mostly muscles as far as I understood.

I have already organised my bag to take with me tomorrow in the morning, I will take insulin already counting with the explosion of the sugar levels, computer and some films to fight the monotonous of the 10 hour seating and wait, a special sexy stockings to protect my legs from the varicose and to make a success when the masseur come around for the routine massage, and also a book in the case of the drugs do not take away all my concentration as been happen last times.

Olivia by now is already sleeping in her cot that we set up today, it was not set up since we left the Robs house. Last thing before I will jump into bed and give a kiss to Justa also in a deep sleep was to turn off the candle that been enlightening with dreams our day in the bedroom.

Big kiss and I hope to come here tomorrow to tell something.

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