Saturday, January 10, 2009


Long day has finished, fortunately all the aims which were a big list were all achieved. Early morning we were in the Portugal consulate to collect the documentation for Olivia travel to Portugal, After we moved rapidly to the Royal Free Hospital. There, not very surprisingly has been told us that appointment should have been canceled as there is nothing new to discuss, but I took advantage of seen Dr. Tim Mayer and I confirmed few things, So, I will have next chemotherapy session in 26 of January, after resting 4 weeks and go in 3 of March for two decisiveness scans in the same day. Yesterday, personally I booked that important exams, CT scanning and MRI. Again an important day in the horizon.

In the waiting room I confirmed what I should know for a long time, this fight against the Cancer is a very long term discussion, It has been already for 4 months that I attend the appointment with the Chemo therapist and there is patients in that waiting room that I see all Fridays. Weekly is noticeable in some of them the marks of the treatment but some others we can still witness the some hope and happiness in the face as I saw in the first day. Definitely, there is no chances to look back.

In Afternoon we still needed to go to the borough of Camden to sort out some deals pendent, In the evening I had the pleasure of cooked some Portuguese Fish for our friends Kaska and Rafi that come to visit us. After I do not remember nothing, only fallen in the bed asleep so tired I was.

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Anonymous said...

"Olá Portugal" Dear Olivia, well came Home!
Helder e Justine, lamento mas acho que vocês vão ficar para segundo plano, pois a rainha da festa vai ser a nossa querida Olivia! Sim, não podemos esquecer que, pela primeira vez, vem conhecer as suas raizes; Caramujeira vai receber uma ilustre visitante...Mal posso esperar por abraçar-vos, Bj JuRocha