Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back to job

Lastly it came to an end the Holidays, firstly Portugal now Sofia and Julian sharing the weekend with us. To be honest I feel more happy than sad for this end, You can called anxiety, I really want to go and do whatever I can and quick to fight the Cancer. I think only after I can focus in other things, such as go back to work.

Meanwhile I have the advantage and lucky to be all the time close to Oliwia and Justyna :)

So Sofia & Julian left already London, after another big brunch.

As I said the Holidays is over, thus, tomorrow I will need to be very early in the UCL Hospital to have a PET DOTA-NOC. IT is something new, it is still in a trial this type examination, It pretends to find all small Neuroendocrines Cancer I might have spread in the body. It will be all the morning in the Tunnel :)

At least because I will be a Guinea Pig or Cobaia I will have a free lunch and transports paid.It ill be my contribution for the Humanity Healthy

Lastly, the pictures above today it is related to another moment of us in Portugal, when we went visit STAP, my former job in Portugal, it was lovely to see almost all the friends and colleges once I left there when I decided to move to England. Happy to see all are very well.Thank you also for your support.


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