Thursday, January 29, 2009

Responsible team

We still passing through the hangover, today is the famous second day after the chemotherapy session, when all the substances are all around the body, and then the discomfort, the headache and tiredness is more than ever, Even though I obligated myself to go outside in the shy sun shining afternoon for an hour to exercise my legs, because I was starting to fell some cramps due to the excess of time in bed. After backed home I had a nape and finished the evening with a nice meal in the company of our friend Mike.

The picture on top is showing what my eyes saw in the chemotherapy suite last Tuesday. The nurse in the deep background was the one responsible for my account :) He could not forget any drug and liquids, all in the right order. He was also very friendly. After this 6 sessions, even if I still do not know whether I need to go back or not, I already would like to set my thanks for all your commitment to do your best not only with me but to all the patients, I never heard any complain, nothing. Even though and to be honest I would prefer to be away from this 4 West B ward as long as possible, I am sure you will understand.

Thank you

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