Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Peter Pan

1st of May, No work for anyone, For me there are plenty of 1st of May's through the year. It is a date that we should remember that the Human Being was not made only for work, and it is asked from all of us a bit more of understanding from the needs from our co-Human Beings. It is in our hands in a lot of small things to create a better life, sometimes we think that the sin is always in our neighbours, but I think we all are not behaving as we should.

Today was my last day before I will be admitted in the Hospital to have my monthly injections, hopefully I will come back Thursday afternoon with a lot of reasons to be happy and the tumours unhappy. It came in the perfect time the today's Reiki session, I relaxed and had refilled with positive energies. I had also met my friend Ken, to update our personal stories.

Justyna had for the first time a go on the trampoline, Olivia was very excited, enjoying the moment, Later she had the company of Jean that was in his environment, jumping.

In the evening the Herman the German friendship cake was an excuse to see more friends, sharing our emotions. Olivia is now asleep and probably in a dream of Peter Pan, as she has been very much in that mood.

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