Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mustard Seed

Today I woke up much better, at least with the desire to stand up and take the most from the day, I had good reasons for that, I had the very early visit of Tom, He took me to the Amaravati Buddhist Monastery. If I was already feeling better comparing to days before here I overloaded with good energies. The food was great and the opportunity to have a the talk with a Portuguese Monk was very uplifting. It was full of curiosity the conversation with Appamado, I found that we could be almost family, his parents were from the same area as my parents in the Algarve, also his father later went to Lisbon and worked in the same company as my father, He used to go to the same beach as me, His name before the ordination was Vasco, same as my friend. We laughed so much, because in every lines that we explored we found a lot of similarities. Portugal is small but not that small :)

To speak with him was good, I found a different approach. I've been looking for the answers and the path to my serenity - But I might have been confronted with a non-solution problem. I, as all of us, need to understand the inevitability of Death. He was telling me the old story of the Mustard seed, Once an old lady grieving her son who had just died come to Buddha to ask if he could use his powers to resurrect her son, and Buddha asked her to go through the village and to pick up a handful of mustard seeds for each house that has not been touched by the death, where no son, no daughter, no father have died. In the end the lady came back to Buddha with an empty hand. This to understand that there are things that we need to live with.


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.. Realmente a vida é uma surpresa, viramos uma esquina e tropeçamos em alguém por ACASO,mas porque ACASO é que não aconteceu antes? ou depois? Será mesmo que nada acontece por ACASO? Preciso de convencer-me q tenho livre arbítrio, mas Acredito que o ACASO existe mas só surpreende os que estão abertos para as leis do universo....., BJ Jú