Sunday, May 13, 2012

Back to the party

The day could not start better, having my adorable pill and even before the breakfast I went outside to drop the bin and I had a great surprise planted outside the door, I big doggy poo. Of course, my shoes landed on that smelly present. Only inside I realised what I brought sticked to the shoes, but it was too late. After, I was more than an hour cleaning and desinfecting the house. But the smell kept for longer. Justyna could not bear the smell and even think about the breakfast and we left home straight away. Hopefully all this shit means a lot of lucky on the way :)
Today I could not miss the mass, as today is also the celebration of N. S. de Fátima. I am sure my mother was all day thinking and praying to her. This is not only a difficult days for me, It is also not easy for family and friends. Together soon we will sort this out. 

Later Olivia put all her tricycles out, she wanted to give away her vehicles that she is not using anymore. Outside our frontyard looked like a garage. But, not all is beautiful, today I was upset with myself when I screamed with Olivia and I was not right, It is very frustrating to see sometimes our frustrations ended up in Olivia. We need to be strong with ourselves for our princess.

But in the evening, since we entered Veena's house all the problems were left outside, we had a wonderful time with Veena and Ben. Shame that Krishna could not join the party and feast this time.

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