Sunday, May 20, 2012

In the Globe

We had some good expectations for today, nevertheless the word expectations has less and less meaning for me, I prefer to not expect anything to not as usual be confronted with the unexpected. In our calendar was marked for a long time the event of Romeo and Julieta in Portuguese, this in the Shakespeare Globe. It was two hours of standing up and with cramps everywhere, but it was worth it, we had a lot of good laugh and cry of course from it. I was also surprised that I was not the only one complaining about the long standing, as Vasco and Pajo also complained from their legs and back. Justyna loved it, as she is a big fan and passionate about all the Shakespeare's works. The end was dramatic and sad but made me think, Romeo and Julieta's death even though tragic but was definitely worth as they brought peace to the ones left. I guess nothing is in vain, in the end everything has a meaning and reason.

Olivia could not come with us, but she did not mind, she spent all afternoon with Veena. Shame also that because of the long afternoon out we did not manage to spent more time with Gosia, as she came to London for only a day.
By the way, because we are already in Veena's house to pick up Olivia, we also will have the taste of her great food.

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