Friday, May 11, 2012

Everolimus station

The day arrived very early, even earlier than the morning, before 6.00 AM my low sugars alarmed me and I was already awake, The Sun was shinning again and even a family of foxes were lovely wandering in our garden, All that signs that did not want to mean nothing. The day was not to offer me anything else that I should be glad.

The bad dream is about to carry on, the next station in the Northerline is now Everolimus. Even asking today to be seen by a different doctor, Dr. Rupinda - the nicest one, didn't help - the results and answers were more or less the same as last week, Not many encouraging words. The doctor told us about the stubbornness and the very singular idiosyncrasy of my Cancer and lymph nodes, they look that they tend to respond very well to the first sets of treatments of any kind but suddenly and quickly adapts and starts to resist to the treatments. At least, something clever out of all this.

I am starting to take now every day this Everolimus pill, a very prosaic word for such a strong pill and where my next future lies, at least they could get a more illuminated word for its name. Anyway, it was the pharmacist giving me the pill and the next minute I was having straight away the first one, No minute to be lost. According to what was told to me I should expect many side effects, few I already feel on the way, but at least the lost of appetite it still faraway. I think it still to be born a generation of Cancer pills that can take away my appetite.

Today my reaction could be compared to a kettle, firstly I was staring and very cold listening to all doctor's words, but when outside few minutes after I exploded, I was boiling inside and just couldn't stand anymore, I needed to cry. Justyna was telling how all this sounds like a surrealistic play, I still look OK, but from what doctors say I should not be feeling good anymore, every single spot doubled in size.

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