Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Keep firm

I am still at home waiting for a call from the hospital to be told what time and on which bed I will camp this evening. This morning I spoke with the nurse and she told me that I will need to stay in the hospital until Friday. No chance to vote in the Thursday elections :( The treatment should start only tomorrow and I will need to be monitored throughout Thursday night. This time the side effects of the treatment seem to be severe, but to be honest I am quit relax, so far. I even did not Google information about the injections and I am not familiar with the name of the treatment. Probably the experience plays a big part in this detachment. This days I will not have only the treatment, I also will find out what was the scan results from last week. So no mood for holidays in the hospital.

I tried to keep busy and this morning I went to the drawing class with Justyna, now doing my bag and set up the mind.

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