Sunday, May 6, 2012

Raining tears

I confess that I am going through those days when I feel upset and angry with everything and everyone, even I am sad with the special one, Today I did not feel motivated to go to the church. Probably tomorrow this will change and I will want again to catch up with him. I hope he will forgive me for this, This time has been very difficult to take this without some childishness.

Where I am finding a lot of support these days is in the Walt Disney stories that Olivia watches, they are leading my dreams, There, it is possible to change everything, nothing is written forever. I want to live there, when the Life stories ends in the end of each chapter, but we can watch again and again. More seriously, I was listening a documentary from a Buddhist Monk, Matthieu Ricard, and he says that the happiness is ephemeral, what makes us happy now, repeated and repeated, tomorrow it will not makes us happy anymore, And I would add my hope, that the same should happen with the unhappiness, if we will be familiar with that state longer it might become less and less painful and sad.

To escape from this atmosphere of resignation we all walked this afternoon to a coffe bar in the country side, It would have been a perfect walk if not polluted with so many posh houses and cars. I prefer everything simple. You can understand by now, that I am now the worst company possible :)

The sky looks that is paying me out with the same coin. Tonight the sky will not open for us to show the brightest Moon of the year, instead from there only cold and rain.

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