Thursday, May 17, 2012

Art club

I think today I overrun my limits, it was a long and very busy day, Probably because of that I am very tired but also happy, or at least happier than usual. This feeling of happiness is difficult to describe, it is for sure something very deep, a feeling of peace, almost if nothing else needed to be done or expected from me, almost as if I would have everything in my arms. I know how much more I would like to have but today what I do not have is not hurting. I know how difficult it is for people to chose the right words to be told to me, I am not picky with that, but today my Art teacher had wonderful words for me, which I appreciated very much. I will spread my smile until I can, and if this makes others happy, even better.

Today we all were in the Art mood, in the morning all the family and a neighbour Violina went to see an Art exhibition in Finchley, Nowadays having a little bit more knowledge about painting makes me look to the works with different eyes than before, probably more critic, but also this visits are always a fantastic lessons.

The Art carried on in the afternoon. Today it was a big day for Olivia, she had accomplished her dream, since long time she has been asking me if she could come to visit me in the class. For a day Olivia was the youngest art student in the World.

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