Monday, April 30, 2012

#O rapaz do cubo mágico#

My new cousin Maria Ines and mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother

The experience of working in a charity shop is bringing me a lot of challenges, firstly after each shift I always come with my wallet emptier, there is always something that I cannot resist to buy, today I treat myself with a head ache that use to fill up my childhood. The Rubik's Cube is promising to puzzle our lives in the next days until we will find the solution for the enigma, if...For now we did one side :)

Outside, this was a day to enjoy and to everyone take the most from the day, was unusually sunny, I woke up with the sun light in my eyes, I could not believe was true, I run downstairs and opened the door to the garden to not loose any bit from the day. The bad news is now in the evening is already raining again.

Today we had the visit from Maika and some of her friends that did a pit stop in our house before tomorrow they will go for a trip through few places in Europe, in the night Olivia was very interested to know where were those places in the map.

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