Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This days reminds me the idea of children playing in the park, there we can find slides where kids slide dizzily and happy down to the bottom, But where myself and Justyna spend most of the time is in the see-saw, we take turns in different positions, in the morning was Justyna on the top and me pushing for her and in the afternoon was me in the other side of the see-saw, and Justyna was trying to cheer me up. We both know that every minute is worth thousands hours, we are now even more closer, we do not want to leave and lose the sight for each other for any instant. It is also no time to deprive the affection for each other. This is a battle for two, or better two and half.

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Anonymous said...

se fechar os olhos posso imaginar-vos a trocar olhares de ternura... Bj, jú