Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More of the Friends

Today we all went for a special healing mass. Not only in the church but I am now open to all different approaches to improve my health condition, as it looks the conventional medicine has less and less to offer me. I have been feeling tired, probably also influenced by my down mood, this afternoon I had a lovely nap and I am already looking forward for the night and to reach my bed. In the night the brain switches off and I have few hours where the ghosts give me a break.

I have the feeling that this my state of lethargy, tiredness and disbelief is keeping Olivia further away from me, Probably she is not coming so much to me because she understands that I am physically and even more mentally not willing for jokes.

Before bed only a couple of episodes of Friends in the company of my team mate, just to exercise the lungs, they need some laugh.

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Anonymous said...

"Reconexão" Eric Pearl abre uma nova janela sobre a complexidade do q nos rodeia, todas as abordagens são válidas, há que abrir as nossas mentes.........jú