Monday, May 21, 2012

Patience of Chinese

I was in quite a good shape this morning, I helped in the Noah's Ark shop, I steamed and steamed, I already told and confessed my fascination for the repetitive jobs. Only in the afternoon the energies vanished, nothing that could not be sort out with an hour nap, It was great to feel the subconscious taking over of the conscious and the legs slowly release from the body. Today we did not have any going out, rarely we stay at home all day as today, I found the going out very helpful and therapeutic, or at least it makes me divert from some of the thoughts. Probably it also means that I still need to find my peace in between the walls of my house and do not constantly run away from it. It is the patience of Chinese that we all need to have and practise. But before practise the patience from China we practise the eating, In the dinner we all picked up the chopsticks. Olivia loved the new fashion.

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