Thursday, May 10, 2012


Olivia dreams about the Neverland, where nobody got sick or dies. It is to save her dream that we are not taking her tomorrow to the Hospital. Tomorrow me and Justyna are back to the Hospital to try to understand better what is the plan, I cannot avoid my brain to freeze thinking about what we can listen tomorrow from the doctors. To think that the bad news I already took on board, and now nothing could be worst than that, this perspective does not help nor makes me calmer, I already proved that there is always something worse than the bad. I feel as if in the bottom there is no end.


Pedro said...

como eu compreendo a olivia. tb eu sonho com a terra do nunca.
abraço e boa sorte!

Anonymous said...

Podemos sempre ir ainda mais ao fundo, mas nem todos têm a força e a vontade de vir ao de cima. Tu já o fizeste várias vezes e continuarás a fazê-lo. E estaremos cá contigo para ver e celebrar isso.