Monday, June 1, 2009

Children's day

All of us remember this day when we were child, with lucky we would receive a small souvenir to celebrate the day, In the school always would happen any event or creation of something to fill up the calender or just to keep the teachers free for other things. But when I start to grow up and turn my 10's I started to be in panic, what is the border to be considered a child and an adult, Even if for a lot of reasons the fact of been an adult would open me some doors, as the opportunity of going to a cinema to watch more selective movies, but just the word adult scared me, Thus I preferred to keep myself in that underclass forever. The bus tickets to the beach were always cheaper, I could look for teachers and other women but never been taken serious, actually this stage went longer in my life :)
Today, luckily we could be all together to celebrate the day with Olivia, Not only today but we should be committed to give our best to children at any time and not only think about ours, To be a children unfortunately in its majority of characteristics are not timeless as we would desire.

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