Thursday, June 18, 2009

Daniel in the paradise

Time is going so quick, a year ago today I been hospitalized in UCL, I was so weak due to the long time with stratospheric level of sugars, I was everything but a human being, I was arriving in the Accident & Emergency and I did not know if I would leave it. The doctor who was doing the trial probably without intention was very indelicate telling louder in the reception how bad I was smelt from my mouth, this was because of the disease in the Liver and Pancreas.
But almost one year went and I am trying to built up a new life, today I was telling to Justyna that I am happy because just now I start to feel as a normal person and father, there is days as today that I have not got any pain and I can run and play with Olivia. It is unbelievable how good is for me to see her smile and laugh with our plays.
Another joy is waiting us in the Algarve, Daniel is approaching also his first year and Olivia cannot wait to play with her cuisine. She is jealous of the fact that Daniel is enjoying the Summer in the beach.
This afternoon it was calm, Rob & Sandra came to spent some time with us. Lovely.

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