Saturday, June 13, 2009

I want to ride my bike with you

Finally we managed to fix the seat for Olivia in Justyna's bike, It was a gift from Carla, Filipa, Sofia, Patricia, Ana Rita, Cristina and Daniela in Oli's birthday. Thank you again. Today I do not know who was more happy with the gift, if Olivia or mummy. Afterwards everybody wanted to have a ride with Olivia. She was tired but even though was only up for speedy ride.
It was a great time, having spent the afternoon in Shubhi's house, We cooked bacalhau with bechamel, to introduce this Portuguese dish to Neill. Also taking the lift of Portuguese Culture, we offered a book from Jose Saramago to Tom.
The pain has released bit more today, I guess this will gonna be ups and downs.

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