Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Child again

It was funny our first experience in a playground, Not only for Olivia, I am sure she was very happy, but overall for me. I felt tempting to take out my shirt and hysterical start to run around the other boys and girls, it will be funny to find Olivia, and play together with my future daughter :)
Now I would not leave any scream inside, I should scream more than any other kid from the top of the slide, I would bring out all my expressions, they will fear me at the same time they will respect me almost venerating myself. No more shyness, Anyway Olivia would be proud of her future Father. With my nature so fragile it probably would be easy to disguising among theirs. Tomorrow I will try this strategy. To Justyna I would ask her to pay me an ice cream. I just hope I could recover my male condition at home :)

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Luís Ganhão said...

It's good to see the smile in your face.

Kisses 4 Every1