Friday, June 12, 2009

Thinking wherever I go

Hello, These days are not passing without always something, Justyna is much better from her flu, but now is me again, I still have an uncomfortable sensation in the area of last operation, more downer, closer to the duodenum, Nevertheless I am very confident as the time slowly has taken away all my discomfort and pains that is appearing.
Today we took a day for books, We went to buy some books and also to collect a books that a friend wanted to recycle, Olivia loves books, but also in spit of her gracious movements she keeps behaving like an Elephant in the shop, She takes all the books from the shelves. Luckily she conquered the heart of the bookseller. She has right to choose her own books, rather than Mum and dad, she is fine in three languages, English, Polish and Portuguese :)
At the moment we are starting to think and having ideas for our Future, what to do, and where. Few ideas are coming aboard even if the majority are straight away discarded.

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