Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Due to my diabetic condition I use to wake up several times during the night, more often because of having higher blood sugar, then my bladder asks and sometimes urgently to go to the toilets in order to emptier that, some other times is because of low blood sugar, hypoglycemia, this is normally the brain that wakes up the mind crying for a chocolate or any sugary food. But this is happening less often. When I came from the hospital because of decontrol of glycemia I could pass big parts of the night awoke, also helped for the heavy medication that I was taking and of course Olivia when cries for food in the middle of the night is also in the list of alarms. Because of the pills, whenever I stood up from bed and wondering through the house to kill the time I kept in dreams. And when I found myself in despair and lonely it was a beacon where I absorb energy to keep me until morning. This was a tower in front of my house. The building is not particular beautiful but in the night is dressed with a strong flash of lights. I use to stand in the kitchen and passing hours admiring and waving for that portent ship of dreams. I will never forget that powerful battery of dreams.

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