Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lady bird

I do not remember when it was last time I had a ladybird coming inside my house saying good morning, So today I had again that experience. Looking for what they are interested and are reading nowadays it is easy to understand that ones are much more developed and looking for tomorrows business. Last time I saw one ladybird or Joaninha in Portugal they were definitely more naive and never would play tomorrows neither today's business. But their graceful still intact and the vests are only showing the perfection of the Nature Mum and that Man only can copy. Unfortunately this one did not finish to read the book because I did not allow, I thought her best and safely environment would be outside, thus, gentle with a piece of paper took her like it would in my arms and sent her out with a blow like a kiss. All the green that lays down outside of my house and the other insects welcomed her, as she was missed already. We might cross again but any case all the best my dear Ladybird.

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