Thursday, June 25, 2009


I am keeping trying to sour my weight, when I arrived from the hospital I had 60.5Kg and now I have 62.5Kg, So it is a slow march but at least it looks it is on the way or better on the weight. Furthermore I am sure the Sun from the Portugal and the delicacies from my mum will have some impact :)

I am very pleased with my recovery, in the last week all the area around the last operations, either Liver or Pancreas are pain free and are very smooth without so much tension, also the digest is going very well. The only fact but is very small comparing to what I have been is a light back pain, It takes me out the possibility to carry Olivia. So Mum is always in charge.

Nevertheless, Olivia tonight paid me with a memorable set of kisses and a unforgettable laugh.

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