Sunday, May 31, 2009

Waste of talent

Again I have the sensation that the things are improving, The pain in the Liver is much smaller, now is more common to feel some hitching in the skin, I presume the Mr Liver is growing well. The morning I spent all the time in bed getting more rest. Only in the afternoon we went to the park, It was necessary to lay down in the shade because the Sun was very hot. Back home I was in a very good mood, A spirit that I miss in myself. But when I am painless it is possible to feel samples of Helder. And the Sun brings all the positive thoughts to my mind. I cannot wait for Portugal, also for the mum's food, I hope I would put some weight on, at the moment I am in the minimums, before operation I had 65.5 Kg and now I am with 60.5 Kg So slowly I hope to do some progress in that area. As you see down I look like Iggy pop performing to Olivia, with the only thing separating us is my talentless and the fact of I still look thicker.

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