Friday, June 26, 2009

This is life!

An intense day doing what we like mostly, meeting friends, After we got so much from my friends it is also time to us give some back. Thus we visited Rob and Sandra, Rob went through a surgery, but now everything is fine. I hope he does the same as me, relaxing during this time off.

Afterwards we went to the UCL Hospital to visit our friend Ian, It is always a pleasure to see him, I am sure that everything will be much better. In the afternoon we went to the park and met Maria and her son Joseph and daughter Gabi and also John, It was a very relaxing time, Olivia could confirm that, as she did a baby friend. John will came to visit us in the Algarve as well as Maria.

At home in the night we had a surprising visit of Shubhi & Tom and Taz. It is always good to have them to have their advises.

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