Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ugly duckling

There is a book that Olivia always reads before goes to bed that is inspired in the story from Christian Andersen the ugly duckling, That prose enlightened to me how much nowadays we all are only concerned about what the things looks, rarely the society gives an opportunity for the difference, The films, the TV contests keeps expelling the Human that does not present according to the standards of last minute beauty, We all behave unfair with the person with handicap. Sometimes this only change when we have somebody different at home. Been long time in Hospital it was easy to confirm how many beautiful people are lying down in bed and never will become part and visible for this society, when is scarce of examples and models, or better is picking up the wrong model.

today mark one year since I official joined the team of oncologists patient, 9th of June last year I went for the scanning that showed the tumours on Pancreas and Liver. That day the nurse told me that my hands were frozen, This tells where I went that day, somewhere very much in the North.

Until my last operation I had in mind the fight that I just bought it, I could understand fighting to win but not to survive or until dye. But this days my thoughts have changed :) Last time I went to see the oncologist, already after I knew I will not have more chemotherapy, when I was in the waiting room, I mentioned to Justyna how much less adrenaline I was feeling, like if the game has been played.

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