Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Royal Free Hospital

In the spotlight is the Royal Free Hospital - RFH, For sure it was not where I lived the happiest moments of my life, but there, all the professionals offered me all their best skills to take this serious time of my life in the best way as possible, Since I been transferred to this hospital all my condition improved not only due to the professionals that I found there but also for its administrative and organisation services. Probably it is because of my roots in the bureaucracy web where I grown up I could not pass without saying a word, and the best about this hospital bureaucracy system.

Whenever I needed a scanning, X-ray, an urgent appointment, an urgent operation, and as far as I remember it was all of them I had booked in a matter of few days and always posted to my home. They refunded me straight away all what I had right, So here another word for its Financial services :)

The curiosity of this post is because early in the day I have had already decided to write about the hospital, and in the evening Justyna needed to go again to this hospital, Adriano felt in his job and apparently twisted the hand, so nothing better than go to the RFH to check out.

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