Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers day

Taking advantage of the fathers day and the good heart of Olivia, I accepted the invitation and let her take me to a restaurant. It was a very nice Mediterranean restaurant. I hope not too expensive for her wallet. The afternoon was great in the spirit of family. After She took me for a walk until the park. Dali also wanted to be present, of course Olivia was not familiar with him.

We had a great time until in a joke she felt over the grass and did a small cut in her gums. Fortunately after some bleeding she was better and all the teeth are intact. We just do not like boring days, everyday there is some adventure.

Now she is in a deep sleep and I am going outside for a milk for us.


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Anonymous said...

So, how was the dinner or lunch? Was expensive for the wallet of your daughter? I am glad to see you all fine and happy. See you soon. Cristina