Monday, June 8, 2009

Batman in the kingdom of onions

Justyna in the end needed to go this morning to GP, having now few antibiotics and other pills to cure the infection, Last night she almost could not breath because of the cough and sore throat. Let us see how it will be this night.
My condition is improving, the Batman is getting shape and recovering in an unknown and secret house in Kilburn in London, the diet of fried onions imposed by Robin is helping him to get fit. Today I realised how much is necessary the Batman get back to the streets of Portugal as quick as possible, The crime is going loose and unpunished. The white collar crime is flourishing, the ones that one day we needed to trust slowly all are showing their character. they been using and abusing of our honesty. The law and the system always defend them. if somebody told that there was no paradise in the Earth, was wrong, Dias Loueiro and others know very well, and the off shores where they keeping their properties I am sure would leave Jesus Christ shame of what he can offer in his paradise.
But the Batman is almost ready, last night he was with 61.7 Kg, one more Kg since he arrived from the operation, So he soon would become powerful and feared from all the gangsters.

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