Friday, June 19, 2009

Urban myths

For who grown up in the city like me, looking back and comparing with what our children see and feel nowadays, it is obvious the distance is huge, Where is the butterflies that all the afternoons came inside my balcony trapped in the windows requiring an intrepid exercise to release them without any hurt, Not always this was the most important condition. Not so beautiful but more elegant were the grasshoppers that frequently drooped from their disconcerting flight in the football field, from those I was always feared.

Still related with the animal world, also another impossibility of our days is to find out a nest of the lizards, They just run away to the Ocean, I presume. Unfortunately this small animal was always in the middle of the battles between kids, grumps and stones were not suppose to give any mercy to this poor creatures. But it was part of the normal process of development need to be understand.
In the Spring the fields between the buildings and the ones waiting for licence to become erected were vast spaces to the daisy, This ones become also source for more jokes and plays for the kids, often belic shoots when blown from tubes.

Any kid needed to live and would be always followed by urban myths and sayings, Who does not miss that old sayings, deep rooted from the imaginary of any child Mija um, mija dois, quem nao mija é o rei dos bois.

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