Sunday, June 28, 2009

Olivia in her first pool

The hot days are here to stay, so when I get Portugal we will not feel so much the difference of temperatures, Even Olivia before have contact for the first time with swimming pools or beaches in the Algarve had already her first experience with the smallest swimming pool I have seen in Veena's garden. Veena cooked a wonderful Indian meal and also Shubhy and Tom brought some specialities, Therefore the lunch was great. Veena and Chrishna we will meet soon in Portugal and Shubhy we will see this Tuesday as she is taking us to the airport, Thank you both.

Tomorrow we will do one thing that I love which is packing, in this case the luggage to our trip to Portugal. For a while we will rest from London and from Hospitals, looking for refuge in the family, friends and in the beach.

When we come back in August I will be very busy into Hospitals, it will came the first scanning after operation, the visit to the oncologist and surgeon. I confess there is already a tiny nervous feeling when I think about that. I guess I will never can say I am cure about this Cancer, it is easy to look around and understand that this maybe never will go away, but maybe goes. This is a doubt that I need to live to full know it. I think the next path it is more related with lucky than any other thing else. People can say the attitude helps but in the end of the day it is always the lucky that says the reality. It is important to be strong but even more to have the Gods in our side.

The last thing is to tell friends that now in Portugal I can be reached also in the mobile phone 00351968150031

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