Tuesday, February 3, 2009

White paradise

Morning as usual is the best part of the day, until lunch time I still have some energies left. Today the family went to the GP to register in the nearest GP or family doctor. The walk through the white paradise was even more recharging.

There, all the staff looked very friendly, what is good, even more if we consider our bad experiences with formers GP's. Today I had an informal interview with the doctor and at least I had the doctor's word that he will be there to do his best to help me. He showed also solidarity with our fought, also very impressed with my roll of problems, in fact the list are endless even more for a young adult as me. But in the life fortunately there will be never way backs, otherwise the life will become more confuse and unmanageable, So let us take as it come without too many tears and sorrows.



Ana Cristina said...

É muito bom "ouvir" esperança e confiança...

Aproveitem bem a neve.

Mts beijos

prima Ana

Anonymous said...


Para a frente é que é caminho!!
Beijinhos para todos,