Friday, February 6, 2009

Cultural day

According to my promise, today I woke with much better mood :) Before anything I decided today to go to the Centre with the friends, probably for my 100th time I went to the National Gallery and British Museum, It is always part of the touristic route, The day went very quick and very pleasant, Slowly we walked a considerable distance and I enjoyed again the busy life on the town. Sometimes I almost forget that the life can be very agitated. Also it was an opportunity to Olivia start her cultural life, been for the first time in this museums, Although she has already the experience of the TATE gallery.

The use of the new insulin looked promising, the sugars going down quicker now, nevertheless there is few things that I still need to understand like the relation between the carbohydrate in each peace of food and the units of insulin required to be injected. The good thing from this type of insulin is this flexibility, and I need to learn more about that to take advantage. Because of that I called to the nurse Ruth specialised in diabetes in the Royal Free Hospital, a person that I seen before, and she straight booked me for a meeting next Thursday to speak about my situation, She is lovely, since the beginning she gave me her private phone in the case if I need to ask for any help. Anyway thank you also Carla to be free to help me :)

Now is time to sleep , tomorrow there is more in the centre.

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