Friday, February 20, 2009

Polsky - Easy language

The days are going quick, I presume that feeling is stressed because here the night arrived earlier. This morning I woke up and outside there was an amazing panorama, the snow covered everything, I could not know where could I step on. During the night, often I listened dogs barking in a strange dialogue, what nevertheless brings me good memories when I was passing my summer holidays in the Algarve with my grand mum. It is not only the dogs that monopolize the spectre, but also the rooster takes the audition space, in the morning when the dogs are tired.

The meals, essential the lunch, because the dinner here is just a small snack, this is not like in Portugal where we live around the table. But I was telling during the meals is where my life turns very difficult, as I cannot understand a word, normally you can find the Helder smiling or even laughing when people looks at me, this without understanding what is going on, This is me in my most ridiculous pure state.

In the houses we still feel the communistic spirit, at least what the Red Politburo taught the mass population, The supreme value of the functionality instead of the luxury. Also, even if the people do not have much they always offer what they have and what do not have, There I can understand more Justyna, why she is like she is. At any place I am always welcome with table full of biscuits, coffee, tea. Yesterday, it was here in Poland the Fat Thursday, the Donuts day, it is announcing the period of fasting until the Easter. It is like in Portugal the Carnival or in England the Shrove Tuesday or Pancake day. In the houses the people coke the Donuts, I can proof they are delicious, unfortunately I need to eat with moderation.

What also I learnt with the Polish fellows, is they are at the same time very proud of their country and very open and interested in what it comes from the exterior, Therefore, Portugal in my person is a big source of curiosity to satisfy.

But the weirdest thing of this community making them unique is their language, God when created the World and the languages did not tell the Polish that the vowels exists to be used, they persist only in using the consonants. Often you find words with 10 letters within only 9 consonants.

The example in the picture above brings to the light this strange language to a genius people

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